Queen of the Event

In the elegant and imposing venue of the Palace Noblesse (courtesy of Loredana Preda and Diana Bucur) with the help of Simona Ionascu and her HtagPR team, in the presence of my beloved family and friends, my dream came true; magic, emotion, passion, love, art, joy, pride, tension, enthusiasm, delight, sensation and gratitude are just a few words that describe this wonderful evening in this fairytale palace on September 30.

Under the guidance of my hosts Nicoleta and Cornel Svarlefus, with a glass of wine sponsored by Dealu Mare Urlati and a tasty snack, including the vegan snack from NoMoMoo, we had an unforgettable evening. It was a success, with maximum attendance and lots of admiration, praise and compliments from all guests. A beautiful and moving speech from my mentor, idol and friend Nicoleta Svarlefus, that I like to quote with gratitude and pride:

“Roxana is a gift in my life and in that of others. She is not only coloring canvases but also coloring our souls. Wherever she goes she touches people, she practically cannot leave without leaving a trace. She is color, she is full of color and, as she says herself, she has been coloring ‘forever’.
Roxana stirs up memories and dreams within us. It is fantastic to look at her work and get to know her, but more than that, to get to know yourself.”

Many of my loved ones have been by my side this evening and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

I felt myself the ‘Queen of the Event’. Being appreciated, celebrated, admired, loved and supported.

It was my dream come true; I have taken the first steps into my future career. From now on I will follow my passion!