Within the grand hals of the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, the Mariage Fest – wedding fair – unfolded its enchantment from November 10 to12. It was a wonderful occasion where my heartwarming project, the ”Tree of Love”, stood as centerpiece. I shared this moment toghether with my dear friends Gabriela and Catalin Stanculescu owners of Vlahia Inn, creators of enchanting events at their splendid guest house in Moieciul de Sus.
The ”Tree of Love” stands as my creation, a canvas decorated with a hand-painted tree, inviting the wedding guests to leave their fingerprints-an intimate mark symbolizing their presence on this extraordinary day.
Across three unforgettable days, in the midst of the commotion, the respons was overwhelming and each fingerprint a testimony to the love and joy shared.
Soon, I’ll be sharing every cherished detail of this heartfelt project here on my website, where I’ll share in-depth details and the heartwarming stories captured within the branches of the ”Tree of Love”.